A Picture Phone in a Small Bathroom Design

Decorating of a bathroom may become a very enjoyable thing to do. But at the same time, it may turn out to be depressing as soon as there is too much possibility of necessary selection in everything you do, more lodgeatkoele.com/comfort-cube-reviews.html. Have you happened to be in a shop with an excellent choice of bathroom designs but couldn't make decision which one to choose? I was in such a situation. Extra problems appear if your bathroom is not big - you will have to remember all the important measures to see which combinations are possible. What about using your phone to put information into not to forget?

Making a research for redoing of the bathroom

The places I have just been to are exibit rooms. The reason of my trip is my parents' idea of making a redo in their bathroom. As soon as it is not big, i thought i could help by observing the possible variants.

Entering the exibit room what I saw was a huge range of everything, so it was really a problem to keep all in mind. And sure enough i was not able to memorize all the smallest details of differences between different pieces of bathroom furniture that were suitable for the room. The idea od taking a pen and some sheet of paper rushed into my mind, but even that wouldn't assist much.

This is the right time to take advantage of having picture phone

I always bring with cell phone with me. It has a digital camera inside, so i can use it here. Having it for several months I didn't have much possibility to use it, only on hoildays when i didn't take my true camera with me. I can't tell that quality of the picrures is great, but it will be more than enough for me.

So I took it out and did did pictures of furniture items that I liked. What I also used was a notepad for putting in the sizes of the items I made shots of, putting it on or around the item itself.

For instance if i need to make pictures of a loo, I used to put the pad on the top of the receiver and as for a pen i would put it on a seat, as soon as it gave me necessary information about sizes.

The results of my work were really good, what I didn't expect. My camera is not of the best quality - it has only 1.3 M pixels, but it was good for my parents to grasp the idea and for me to remember what exactly i saw too.

What about illumination? A piece of advice while taking pictures in a bathroom

Wishing to demonstrate the best side of the bathroom furniture, it is usually displayed at exibit rooms with pretty good illumination. It was more than enough light while i was making photos. Flashbulbs that are built in some models of self phones can help to take pictures if there is a shadow somewhere or you want to take a picture in the inner part of something.

One more advice: Distance

Keeping the right distance to the object of your interest while taking a picture is important. If you get too near, there will be hardly any focus. Vice versa if you try to do the same from too far - no good result too. Be sure that the thing you take photo of fills the frame.

Backlight. It is essential

Ensure there is nothing with bright illumination at the back of the object you take picture of. In this case the picture won't be light enough. If you didn't think about this beforehand - try manual exposure mode or backlight compensation mode of your means of communication. In fact, not every phone has this program and you really need to know how to use it properly. So just use this tip while taking pictures.

Process of measurement in a bathroom

You can measure the piece of furniture with anything you have with you - a ruler, pen, notepad - the main condition is to the size of this thing.

Photo of a bathroom. Remarks

If you write down some comments of the items you take photos of - this will help you in remembering what exactly you were interested in. Be sure to write enough and in big letters for you to read it easily later.

Photo of a bathroom. Make enough of them

If you take many photos - you won't spend any money and it will be good amount of material when you gather everything together.